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 7 Days to Your Authentic Self 

It's time to Say Goodbye to 
Life's Chaos... 

and say Hello to Your Inner Peace!
We have a very special deal for you right now! 
Dear Stressed Out, Unfocused & Fed Up, 
You work hard every day to achieve the goals you set for yourself, but 'life' keeps getting in the way. 

Things like: family, career change or retirement, the dating scene, hell, even the family pets seem needier each day! The struggle is beyond real!  

You try to focus on your goals but you're not sure which way to focus your energies. All life's competing factors pull you in a million directions. Add, "world drama" to all that and you get to the point where you get fed up, give up, and walk away. 

You think to yourself, "My goals are unobtainable dreams. Only people with [fill in desired object] can achieve [your desired goal]." 

I lived in those negative trenches for many, many years. You are in good company and I understand your pain! For real. 

Your personal struggle might include suffering from stress, anxiety, low energy, or zero focus. My struggle does too! 

It's not easy jumping through life's hoops - especially with all those things mixed in. I know. I live it. But, I am here to tell you - there are things that you can do to gain back control, get re-focused, and get fired up instead of fed up!

You want to feel less stressed, enjoy each day with a new appreciation... 

You want to have a clear + focused mind... 

You want to feel rejuvenated and increase your energy... 

How about a boost to your feelings of happiness? Yes, please! 

You want to improve the quality of your relationships.... 

You want to learn how to fill your life with meaning.... 

Good. You are in the right place at a great time, friend....  

My name is Kimberly. I’ve been practicing and teaching tools and techniques to help others and myself reduce stress, stay focused, and get on the path to goal achievement for almost 2 decades. 

I've spent tons of money on education (MA & MBA), self-help programs, and loads of other materials. I mean tons! I've paid thousands and thousands of dollars on books, coaches, and counselors with [XYZ certifications]. Some of these things worked for me and most of them did nothing. Let me save you time and money on your journey!  

I have created a Body-Mind Reset Mini-Course + Companion Journal that will teach you ways to:

    1. lower stress 
    2. enjoy each day with a new appreciation
    3. have a rejuvenated, clear, and open mind
    4. boost feelings of happiness and satisfaction
    5. improve the quality of your relationships + life

You may think to yourself, "I've already spent time and money on similar things that didn't work. I'm fed up with a bunch of B.S. that does nothing for me. Why am I still reading this?"

Well, first, you aren't wrong! I've been there and done that too! #frustrating 

And second, I am going to give you our $47 Body-Mind Reset mini-course  for $7!

Let me introduce you to life changing tools, exercises and techniques that I use every day to get centered and calm in times of great stress.

Let me share how I lower my stress levels, get centered and laser focused and achieve my goals for free.

Why $7? You are one seriously special cookie! Research shows that when people put dollars towards something they are more likely to follow through because they have skin in the game. So, a dollar a day buy-in for a holiday treat is our gift to you! 

Is this a watered down version of a better program? What's the catch?

NOPE! This is the same program that people pay $47 to receive. You may opt in for a higher level of guidance if you feel like you could benefit from personal coaching through the mini course.  

Mini Course? Does that mean you are holding back information?

Not At All! This course is a powerful mini series that takes core pieces of our Body Mind Total Reset program and targets the MOST stressful life areas to give you real, science-backed solutions to 

    1. lowering stress 
    2. enjoying each day with a new appreciation
    3. having a rejuvenated, clear, and open mind
    4. boosting feelings of happiness and satisfaction
    5. improving the quality of your relationships + life

Kindness + Health

PS- this is not your average course! Your mind will be full and your body happy after having access to this MEGA wellness brain dump of knowledge! 
Yes! I'm ready!
Benefits of the program include:
  •  This program will help you to center and calm in times of stress.
  •  It will help you to slow down and take in each day as a gift.
  •  It will teach you compassion for yourself and the world around you.
  •  It will teach you new tools for energizing, being creative, and getting better sleep.
  •  It will help you to let go of things that no longer serve your life in a positive way. 
  •  And it will teach you how to achieve your New Year's goals! Whew! Just in time! 
Little program. Big Impact! 
Bonus Bomb #1 - you will get our beautiful companion guide as a download for free (value $38)! 

Bonus Bomb #2 - you will gain access to our dedicated FB group with live workshops twice a month! (value $497) You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Therefore, spending time with other action­takers and like-minded people is like...80% of success. Community makes all the difference. 24/7/365 Access.

Bonus Bomb #3 - you will qualify for an insane discount on our Body Mind Total Reset program that includes 8 private small group coaching sessions with us! Course options begin in January 2018!

Sign up today to:
   1. start cutting through the stress and noise  
   2. start clearing paths to positivity and inner strength to achieve
   3. start making headway on your life goals now

If all you needed to do to now was register wouldn't that be easy? It is that easy! 

You'll sign in below and then you will go to the class registration page!

This holiday special ends December 24th! Save $575 today!
This course is for you if...
  •  You are a beginner to stress reduction + healthy mindset
  • You want to try a variety of approaches to improving focus + relationships
  •  You want a daily reminder of ways to improve feelings of wellbeing
This course is NOT for you if...
  •  You don't want to get rid of your problems 
  • You are unwilling to participate by reading the emails + practicing the exercises
  •  You are the Dali Lama = you don't need my course :)
What People Are Saying About the Body Mind Reset:
When you sign up, everyday, for the next several days you will...
  • Receive your companion journal and emails from me.
  • Receive information on stress, focus, relationships + happiness
  • Receive exercises to be more appreciative each day
Why we are 100% confident in guaranteeing our program...
  • Science-based approaches to slaying stress 
  •  Not a cookie cutter approach - our program tailors to you
  • Real tools and techniques to increase your energy every day 
  •  Built-in Peer Accountability 
  •  Tools and techniques to get momentum in your life
  • Downloadable course materials to view anywhere 
  •  Whole person approach to coaching
  •  Exclusive Facebook group to connect, receive support and get free workshops! 
If you complete the program and exercises and are not satisfied, we refund your money! Guaranteed. Just let us know within 7 days! We want you to be successful and happy!
By signing up today, you'll get: 
  •  Body Mind Reset Mini Course (value $47)
  •  BMR Companion Journal (value $38) 
  •  Access to private Body Mind Facebook group with bi-monthly workshops ($497)
  •  Accountability Build-Ins ($priceless)
  •  Community and Support System ($priceless)
All of this today for $7!
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